Types Of Student Housing

GA Tech & GSU Student Housing

When it’s time to leave for college and search for housing, it is important for students to find a new home where they will be comfortable. But, before the student apartment search begins, learn about the different types of student housing. There is an abundance of apartments for rent in Atlanta — find out which type of housing is right for you.

Dorms At Georgia Tech & GSU

When thinking of life in college and where to lay your head, most picture the quintessential dorm life shown in movies and on TV. Dorms are popular with freshman students because they are located on campus, making it easy to commute to and from classes. Dormitories also place students at the center of all the action, near the events on campus. There are significant disadvantages, however. Dorms are usually single bedrooms shared by two or more students, and the bathroom is typically shared by either the entire floor or building. While some students may be comfortable foregoing privacy for convenience, not everyone will be so keen about sharing a room with a stranger. Dorm rooms also come with rules, such as quiet times during finals, and a resident advisor to keep things orderly. So in general, dorms give students less freedom than off-campus housing alternatives.


Living in a home is a great option for students that want the most freedom. For example, residents may decorate the interior and exterior of their homes as they wish without worrying about their community’s rules. The problem is that houses tend to be more expensive than apartments. Without roommates, the cost of monthly payments will be greater. The good news is that homeowners aren’t limited in the number of roommates they can live with; but if the roommates were to leave, residents would be solely responsible for paying the remaining monthly payments. Homes also tend to be much farther from campus as they are not a popular housing option among students. The greater distance could make for significantly longer commutes.


Townhouses are like the midway point between apartments and traditional homes. They tend to be more private and spacious than apartments but are still attached to neighboring properties. Townhouses usually offer the space that students would want, and they tend to be less expensive than traditional homes. Since townhouses aren’t completely independent, management often provides services maintenance repairs, trash collection, or landscaping. However, the price you pay is that there are still rules to be followed which means less freedom for students.

Off Campus Apartments

Student apartments are popular because they offer more privacy and more space than dormitories. With apartments, students can get a taste of independent living while enjoying perks, such as amenities, on-site maintenance, and controlled-access entrance. Additionally, there are numerous apartment communities near Georgia Tech and Georgia State campus. Some apartment communities, however, may not be a good fit for students who want to live on their own or choose who they want to live with. Before deciding on apartments in Atlanta, make sure to find out what community amenities and apartment features are currently offered.

Luxury Off Campus Apartments

Luxury apartments are a new and popular trend in student living that offer the most comfortable yet high-end living experiences. These types of apartments in Atlanta include spacious floor plans with individual rooms, closets, and bathrooms; and large spaces in the kitchen and living room. Luxury apartment complexes offer a range of community amenities, such as lounge and pool areas, game rooms, computer labs, tanning beds, extensive fitness centers, and on-site retail. Nowadays, this type of housing can be found close to college campuses for an even greater level of convenience for students.

Student Apartments In Atlanta, GA

Taking the time to decide on the best type of housing will make your college experience all the more enjoyable. For the utmost convenience and comfort, The Standard at Atlanta leverages all the benefits of on campus apartments and off campus housing. With multiple floor plans to choose from, a wide selection of community amenities, and a location that could not get any better, our apartments near Georgia Tech provide students with the best value in town.

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