Types Of Student Housing

Student Housing In Atlanta, GA

When leaving for college and searching for a housing option, it is important for students to find something that they will be comfortable in — after all, this will be their home away from home. Different types of student housing will meet budget and amenity criteria better than others. Fortunately, students have many options available to them in Atlanta, GA. With the variety of housing students can live in, there is bound to be something that suits your needs and lifestyle. At The Standard at Atlanta, we provide luxury apartments in Atlanta, GA, near Georgia Tech and GSU.

Dorms At Georgia Tech & GSU

When people think of the college experience, they often think of the campus dormitories. Dorms are popular with freshman students because they are located right on campus. This makes it incredibly easy to commute to and from classes as well as place them at the center of student life. Dorms are usually single bedrooms shared by two or more students and have a community bathroom either for the floor or the building. Also, when it comes to dorms, students usually don’t have to worry about paying utilities. However, not everyone is keen about sharing a room with another person, especially if it is a stranger, and dorms tend to give students less freedom than off-housing options.


Apartments are very favorable because they offer more privacy and space than dormitories. Students can also find many apartments by Georgia Tech and the GSU campus that offers them the benefit of living with more freedom while still being relatively close to their classes. With apartments, students are able to get a taste of independent living, as they offer separate bedrooms, but are not in charge of any malfunctions or repairs to your unit; that is the property’s job. Sometimes, however, even the best apartments in Atlanta, GA, aren’t enough for students who want the extra space or the liberty of choosing with whom to live as many apartments will set you up with random roommates if the other rooms aren’t filled.


Townhouses are like the midway point between apartments and detached homes. They tend to be more private and spacious than apartments but are still attached to neighboring structures. Townhouses usually offer all the necessary space that students would want and they tend to be less expensive than detached homes. Since townhouses aren’t completely independent, management often provides services such as collecting the trash for you or making necessary repairs. However, the price you pay for not being completely independent is that there are still rules that need to be followed which means less liberties and freedom of expression than a home.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments are a new and popular trend in student living and aim to offer the most comfortable living experience that an apartment can offer. They provide spacious floorplans with individual rooms, closets and bathrooms, and large shared spaces such as the kitchen and living room. Luxury apartment complexes provide multiple amenities to their residents such as lounge and pool areas, game rooms, state of the art computer labs, tanning beds, extensive fitness centers and even on-site retail. Luxury apartments also tend to be built close to campuses for extra convenience to their residents when commuting to their classes. For the most refined and comfortable student living, consider living in one of the luxury apartments Atlanta students have available to them near campus.


Living in a home is a great option for students who want as much liberty as they can get from a housing option. Students choosing to live in a house are often able to decorate the interior and exterior of their home as they wish. And while houses tend to be more expensive than apartments, you aren’t limited to a number of roommates which means installment payments can be split in between more people for a cheaper price. However, if your roommates leave, you will solely be responsible for paying the installment payments. Homes also tend to be much farther from campus as they are not a housing option chosen by many students, making for longer commutes.

Student Apartments In Atlanta, GA

Making sure you choose the right housing option for you can make your college experience all the more enjoyable. For luxury student housing GSU and Georgia Tech students can count on for utmost convenience and comfort, contact The Standard at Atlanta today.