Atlanta Party Guide

Tips For Hosting Parties In Atlanta, GA

Your college years are meant to be full of fun memories and get-togethers at many of the student apartments in Atlanta has to offer, so you can look back fondly on your college days for many years to come. However, a small gathering can quickly become out-of-control chaos if you fail to take the necessary precautions.

If you’re planning to throw a party for your friends, it pays to be prepared. Here are several tips to keep in mind the next time you choose to host a party at your apartment.

Students Party In Midtown Atlanta Apartments

Minimize Noise Pollution

It is common knowledge that large groups are noisy. The more people that are present, the louder you must speak to make yourself heard, causing a never-ending level of noise increase. When you add loud music to the mix, your neighbors will not be pleased with your soiree if they are trying to sleep. Atlanta’s Noise Ordinance makes it illegal for residents to create unreasonable noise levels that will disturb the peace of your neighbors. These quiet hours extend between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Only Invite Guests You Know

If you allow your guests to bring friends with them, your apartment may quickly fill up with people you have never met before. There is no way you can know how old guests are that you don’t know, making it impossible for you to prevent underage drinking. Therefore, it is beneficial to only invite friends that who know are over 21 years old so you can enjoy the party and won’t have to worry about monitoring who is drinking and who is not.

Remain Indoors

Though you may be attempted to extend the party outdoors, do your best to keep everyone inside. The superior construction of your student housing in Atlanta will help to limit the amount of noise pollution that would otherwise be able to freely escape if you are outside. Additionally, Atlanta’s open container laws have the potential to be quickly broken if your guests begin drinking outside.

Cooperate With Authorities

In the event the police are called to your apartment, don’t resist or treat them disrespectfully. In most scenarios, when cops show up, they only intend to give a warning, but if you respond poorly, you may escalate the situation. Instead, listen to what they say and cooperate. If you are serving alcohol, be sure all of your guests have their IDs ready to show them if the police ask for them.

Hosting A Party At The Standard In Atlanta

Parties are meant to be fun and stress-free. When planning your next one, use these steps to prevent your event from getting out of control and causing damage to your apartment. When you choose to live at The Standard at Atlanta, you don’t have to wait for your next party to create memorable experiences and make friends, when you can utilize our many amenities whenever you choose. Schedule a tour today to see everything our apartments have to offer.

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