Atlanta Moving Checklist

Regardless of your past moving experience, the process always involves many steps that are all equally important. If any are forgotten, you may have to deal with significant consequences in the future. In order to prevent this situation, begin the planning process immediately after you finalize your decision on which apartments in Atlanta are right for you. Though every student has a unique lifestyle and specific needs, here is a list of some important aspects to remember when preparing for your move.

Tips For Moving To Atlanta, GA

Even if you have moved with your parents to a new home before, moving out of your house on your own for the first time is a big life step. Though it may seem daunting at first, this transition will open up many new opportunities and life experiences. Never underestimate the amount of time you will need to pack up your belongings. Your childhood room is most likely filled to the brim with possessions. As you begin to pack for college, take time to sort through these items. Only bring the essentials. All other possessions can be stored at your parents’ house or disposed of. Though your childhood trinkets and family vacation souvenirs may hold sentimental value, they will only collect dust and clutter your new space so leave them safely behind. When you finally arrive at your new apartment near Georgia Tech, perform a careful walkthrough, taking the time to document any wear and tear. Though it may seem annoying at the time, you will be grateful for this record when you move out.

Packing To Move To Apartments In Atlanta

Moving Into Off Campus Student Housing Near Georgia Tech

Even if you have been living on your own for a while, living in off campus housing is very different from dorm life. You will have many more responsibilities, starting with paying rent and utilities every month. Before you even move in, be sure to contact a local utility provider to set up an account. Make sure you do this in advance, so you will have access to water and power when you arrive. Also keep in mind that when you sign a contract, you will need to pay a security deposit fee for student housing. You will want to factor in this cost when you are determining your budget.

Helpful Reminders For Graduate Luxury Student Apartments

As a graduate student, you will have different needs than undergraduate students. That’s why off campus housing are preferable because of their proximity to campus and convenient amenities. Once you pick your unit, you can begin preparing. Start by contacting your current utility provider and notifying them of your move, future address and exact move-in date. This way, they can transfer your account and ensure you have access to utilities right away. After you pack up your belongings in boxes, it is time to deep clean your entire apartment from top to bottom. If you do not do a sufficient job, your landlord may charge you a cleaning fee or keep some of your security deposit. Once you move in and unpack, have a meeting with your roommate. Make sure you can both agree on silent hours and house rules so that you can have a successful academic experience in graduate school.

Upscale Georgia Tech Apartments In Atlanta

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